“Do you like some melody in your music, some progressive in your pop or some sensuality with your songs? Illusion of Depth’s music has this and edgy electronica and as well as written tunes with poetry in motion.”





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CAUTION: Can evoke deep emotional reactions and cause blank staring for hours as you process the internal sensory results with great delight

“Right from the beginning of this album, you can hear and feel that Bruce and Barb have created a very different collection of songs than their past albums. Somehow, it takes you on a dynamic and emotional tour of energetic feelings to moments of melancholic familiarity. That, coupled with Barbs unique style of singing; sweet, tender and luring; you feel drawn into each song with the wonder and curiosity of how the story of the song will go.

 I found myself in tears with a couple of the songs; the emotional rawness of the words, the story that was told, it brings back a depth of sadness that you will totally not expect. Some of the songs felt strangely familiar, as though I had been there before, living the story that was being told.

I am immensely impressed with this album, it’s range of music and the tour it takes you on…bravo to Bruce and Barb and all involved in the making of this…..a true piece of art and genius!”

Cathy Smith – Well-known fashion hairstylist – Ontario, CANADA




“When you listen to “withering i” my wish (for you) is that you make your own musical-mind-movies. There are more “shows” in this collection by Illusion of Depth than there are screens in a Cine-Plex. By turns playful and darkly serious this is a sonic journey worth taking. here is feel-good-on-a spring day pop here for you, and thoughtful electronic explorations of adult themes from the female heart of all ages from erotic gratification to love found and love unrequited.” And when you arrive at your destination you’ll want to go back and take it again….”

– Johnny Maudlin – Singer/Songwriter/Performer – British Columbia, CANADA